Saturday, March 06, 2010

Another eventful day

Last night we made Quiche and also took cherry pie and cream to our friends and enjoyed a relaxing evening of chat, chill and balloon debate. I was Willie Carson the jockey but was pipped at the post by a victorious Mr Cadbury and was subsequently thrown out of the balloon.

It was too zonked to blog by the time we got home.

This morning I finally tackled that box of papers and photographs which has sat next to the computer for 3 years or more. It was a de-clutter success of major proportion even though I succeeded in creating several piles and a lot of mess. I got there in the end.

You'd think I'd feel really good about finishing the job but I ran upstairs and was violently sick. The mirror reflected a ghastly sight as an ugly rash suddenly appeared across my forehead. It certainly wasn't there when I got up. Several telephone conversations with out-of-hours doctors ended with me queuing at the Newark General Hospital for treatment.

Dr Cheui saw me and confirmed an allergic reaction to the medicine dispensed the previous week. He also confirmed that my body has absorbed the diclofenac and had caused problems.

So, last week I'd lost my wife and this week I end up in hospital. Life is never dull.

Back home 14 doves and one pigeon are sitting in the tree in our garden. I've never seen 14 doves together before today which is why they get a mention. It's a lovely sight.

Bev Skyped Elaine in America and enjoyed a good chat while I chatted with Martin & Sarah. They had heard I wasn't feeling too good and brought me words of comfort and a bar of chocolate...Cadbury of course. It tastes great but I still feel deflated! (get it?)

A&A and baby Edith also dropped by and lifted my spirits.

A funny old day really and now it's gone...along with the chocolate.


  1. 14 doves and one pigeon is well-known vision indicating an allergy to medicine.

    I spent a weekend in Newark with a terrible tooth ache from a dry socket once. I'd seen 22 crows and three rabbits on my journey across the Fens - I should have known better.