Monday, March 15, 2010

Say what you mean, but only if it's nice.

As normal a Monday morning as you can possibly get. I'm sure there are people who love it, but I'm not generally one of them.

The work place was far too hot after the fresh walk, although just about everyone else felt cold. They were colder still as we filed out of the building to the sound of the fire alarm. Half an hour we were stood outside. Young Scott was freezing in his T-shirt but I felt comfy with my scarf and coat. I saw no reason to share and in truth felt no real concern for his obvious discomfort. There's not much empathy on Monday mornings. It's a hard life for those who don't think ahead.

So, on the first day after the Sabbath, I failed miserably to display Christian ethic. Mmm, must do better before the day ends.

Actually, I felt rather sad that Beckham has been ruled out of the World Cup through injury. He's worked so hard over the past few years just for it all to vanish in the run-in.

Mon fils gave me a lift home and I've since spent the entire evening studying French.

Trying hard to think what I've done to help anyone today.
Trying hard to think of anything nice that I've said about anyone today.
It hasn't been a bad day really, it's just that I've been really selfish.

As it's my last opportunity, I think I'll say how nice Bev looks tonight. Do I mean it?



  1. What an amazingly honest post. No image management. No trying to convince others of your generosity. Just a plain admission of fact--"I could have done better." We all have days like that, where doing the right thing seems to slip right through our hands without notice. Days where we stand at the end of it wondering why we didn't see what should have been seen, or do what should have been done.

    Very inspirational. Thanks, Ken.

  2. Always a pleasure to go through your notes Ken.
    Sharing a note penned some months back

    Love Thy Neighbour

    We all have heard the expression many times over. My understanding at present is

    It is essentially a suggestion to develop a friendly disposition towards ones "own self" - after all you are the first neighbour / observer - even in dreams
    While its natural to strive for bigger / better / finer things / thoughts / state of experience - what you have is your own self at any cross section - the journey has to begin from and end at where "I am"
    To develop a relaxed, friendly orientation towards oneself, its imperative to know, understand yourself - your primary needs, fears, driving forces etc
    provide for, arrange, reinforce, facilitate your own support structure - it often involves family & friends
    forgiveness towards yourself - nobody is perfect
    charity begins at home - be kind to yourself also
    listen to the "kid" within - it could be asking for attention at times.

  3. Hi Randi
    Thanks. I had a feeling I wouldn't be alone and that we all have days like that...with the possible exception of the perfect amongst us.
    Have you ever met a perfect person?

    Hi Raj
    It's okay, I'm not really beating myself up. I just wanted to remind myself that there's work to be done.

    Nice reminders there Raj. Thanks.

  4. You and your blog is up there with my top favourites. I always feel happy on my way here. There are no frills, no pretentious remarks - just good day to day stuff (my favourite thing in a blog).

  5. Well, what can I say Julie? I'm flattered!