Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprise, surprise!

Kirsty set me the challenge of not eating any lollipops, crisps, chocolate, chewing-gum or anything else not good for me today. She doesn't think I have any willpower. This morning she immediately pounced and I had to get rid of the crisps (I hardly eat them anyway) and the cheesecake that I was really looking forward to. Everything else was very healthy, although I didn't tell her that the chicken was doused in mayo.

Anyway, I mention this only to register my crushing victory over what she thought was too difficult for me.

When she left at 4:30 pm I cast an eye over the lollipop deliberately left within sight. Kirsty can be very sneaky. I bet she can't wait to see it gone tomorrow. I only hope a cleaner doesn't polish it off.

Before I finished work, Hills phoned me to say the frames for my paintings were ready and I immediately phoned Bev to see if she could pick them up for me. She wasn't answering the phone. I tried twice more before giving up on the idea.

Bev rang some time later after finishing work late and I asked her if she'd be able to pick the frames up. "I'm on my way right now", she said. "They rang earlier and I was going to surprise you when you got home". She was disappointed that they had phoned both of us because she really was looking forward to surprising me.

I arrived home but was surprised not to see them on the back seat of the car or in the hallway. "Were they not ready after all?" I asked. "Oh yes, they're on the coffee table". "Isn't it fantastic how quick they were", said I, whilst also thinking how strange to put them on the coffee table. I poked my head round the door in anticipation. Nothing! "What do you mean by quick, they've been weeks?" Bev shouted from the kitchen. "'s only been a few days". Then I saw them. Bev had picked the frames up but not for my paintings...they were for my eyes!

We both laughed because she had surprised me after all.  In fact, we surprised each other!


  1. Oh that is funny and the way you tell it I can picture the puzzlement on your face and the joy when finding out it was the glasses - well maybe not. Are you happy with them? They were after all the indirect cause of a bad time when you 'lost Bev' for a little while.

    As for cheesecake - that is my favourite cake in the whole world but it has to have a crunchy biscuit base, not the sponge that it sometimes used. I'm a bit of a cheesecake connoisseur - that is how I gained all these extra pounds I reckon.

  2. Hi FF
    The glasses are a bit strange, but fine. I'll get used to them I suppose. I look a bit like Joe 90 at the moment.
    Today I ate the cheesecake and crisps. Very naughty!