Friday, March 19, 2010

New glasses

I'd just carted half a dozen paintings from the car park and decided to stop off at the opticians to pick up my new glasses. The overpriced trendy pair the lens of which come from Germany were still in Germany. So, the quoted two week delivery is stretching to four (I decided to use the word stretch because that's how my arms felt after carrying the paintings). My arms were aching, I was tired and this woman was treating me as if I should be understanding, patient and considerate and all the good things I generally am...but not today.

As I left, I felt a little guilty for making her feel like I'm just a grumpy old so-and-so.

My thoughts were on Molly P's post about the pink National Health glasses she  (and I) used to wear.  My arms were aching then too as my mother dragged me to the optician for my first pair. Since then, glassed have been a source of embarrassment and shame. All my life I've been trying to find the dozy beggar who chose pink for boys as well as girls. I thought I'd found that person in the shop I'd just left...perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity due to short sightedness. I might apologise when I go back, although I doubt it.

The samples Pete ordered for me are not suitable, which is why I'm trying again with the local framer. I settled on a moulding from a catalogue and asked for a quote. Fifteen minutes later she came back and could tell by my fixed stare that I wasn't best pleased. To top it all, she'd made a mistake and needed to go back and work it out again. Stop! Here's my number. Call me! And I walked out taking particular care not to slam the door in my wake. I love it when I'm in control of my emotions but it doesn't always was the case in the opticians.

I'm not enjoying today! I thought the words but almost verbalised them as if to give emphasis.

I found myself passing Trent Galleries on the way back to the car park...that posh place I'd recently been in. Why not go for a hat-rick, I thought as I breezed through the open door and brightly re-introduced myself.

I asked for his opinion on my work and his personal choice for the best two to frame for the RA. With paintings propped all over the gallery, we spent the next half hour discussing it. He likes my work and wants to have some in his gallery.

It was Steven Covey (probably spelt wrong) who said something like...we view the world through our own  life experiences. As I left the gallery I viewed the world from a glorious new pair of specs. The world is truly wonderful again and there was a spring in my step as I passed the opticians on the way to the car park. I didn't even notice the weight of the paintings or care about the fact that I hadn't sorted any frames out. They'll be sorted somehow.

I painted for the balance of the day.


  1. ".. I viewed the world from a glorious new pair of specs. The world is truly wonderful again and there was a spring in my step.." so well said & warmly received Ken. Am sure you will find few interesting notes from Tagore :

  2. Oh well done on going in a smart gallery and getting a R E S U L T. I'm proud of you, Ken and hope that Bev was very enouraging and happy on your behalf. Your paintings are lovely and deserve to be seen by more people - and hopefully even sold.

  3. It's funny what you said about glasses. As a child I as made to feel a bit of a freak with specs - 'four eyes' and all that. Kid just teased and that was seen as just the way of the world - liek it was your fault and you had to just put up withy the teasing. I felt my mother's disappointment (in me!)

    When I learned that my son also needed corrective specs...that feeling in the pit of my stomach returned. However, there's nowhere near the same stigma with glasses with the kids my son kicks about with. In fact they appear to be 'cool' and his friend was jealous. They are not pink now of course - that helps. I do remember blue ones coming in as well at some point). The only people that have expressed concern about my son'd glasses wearing(like glasses are a terrible infliction and they are just corrective yes? - phew) was my mum and her husband. Emotional health and wellbeing on the up!

  4. P.S. I hope Saturday is turning out better.

  5. Hi Raj
    Thanks for the comment and link. Tomorrow afternoon I should have time to check it out.

    Hi Julie
    Thanks. I sense you are genuinely happy for us. I appreciate the comment.

    Hi Molly P
    My little sister eventually had a blue pair. I have a B&W photo of her but I still see the's unmistakable.

    When your mother radiates disappointment in you, it really is a sad situation. She obviously didn't see the diamond in dust which sparkles brilliantly today. I bet she isn't disappointed now.

    Saturday worked out in the end thanks.