Saturday, February 27, 2010

I forgot

My niece's fiance´ (Tony Jeffries) is dancing for sport relief in a few minutes on BBC1 as part of the boxers team. Right now it's Total Wipeout...and that's just how I feel.

I started well by fixing the burst elbow on the outside tap, but as soon as I started laying the floor in the loft, my enthusiasm deserted me. I persevered but I still feel drained.

Bev tells me it isn't the work I do that saps my energy, it's the hot baths I have. I  have it way too hot and step out looking like a lobster. It isn't good for me she says.

I forgot to mention that I woke up one morning this week speaking and thinking French (basic) and I was so happy. It's the first time its ever happened and I hope it isn't the last.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I had my face pointing at the pavement as I walked because of the bad weather and was shocked at how many people spit their chewing gum out. The whole place was splattered with the stuff and looked like the pigeons had had a field day.

This morning I woke up thinking about the woman in fur boots standing in a bucket of water in Newark town centre last Saturday...I forgot to mention that too and wished I'd taken a picture.

Almost forgot...I had a nightmare last night about one of my sons who was a toddler again and threw an axe at the right-hand side of our current fireplace. It ended with me squeezing into a more and more confined space and feeling totally trapped. It was so claustrophobic that I was panicking. I woke up in a cold sweat in the early hours and crept downstairs to the kitchen for a cold drink. When I drifted off again, the dream seemed to continue. Perhaps that's the real reason why I'm feeling so tired today.

Don't want bad dreams tonight.


  1. It's like your brain has been on random recall!!! When my brain goes like that I have to sit myself down calmly and stare at a blank wall for a bit!

    I love the idea of a language soaking in enough to just be there when you wake up. Will set you up well when you go...

  2. I love hot baths and think they are very relaxing - but obviously not enough to calm down your brain, Ken. Hope you've both got over the mislaid phone saga.

  3. Hi Molly P
    I do a lot of equates to a lot of trouble over the years and some of it when I wasn't even looking at the person who thumped me (that's the problem with having a lazy eye).

    I'm not a lover of repeats but I wouldn't mind waking up in French again.

    Hi FF
    I'm sure there must be data kicking around indicating all Pisceans love hot baths.
    No, we aren't over it. It'll be talked about for years to come. I'm about to tackle the subject of just what she thought of me as she walked home. lol.

  4. It's good to empty out the head sometimes, sort of gets rid of the detritus. Hope you feel calmness oozing into you soon.