Thursday, November 05, 2009

A very grand gesture...

Look what arrived!  Walnuts from Derbyshire via A Very Grand Pressigny.  Thanks Jean.  The postman couldn't get it through the letter box...even though we could.  Bev picked it up from the sorting office just down the road. It's inexplicable, but there is something very nice about receiving mail...excluding junk, bills, summons, fines, inland revenue and failed job applications.

Jean sent them to me after hearing that we always miss our French walnut harvest. Jean on the other hand doesn't!

I intend to eat well as I learn my lines tonight.  Yes, tonight!  I don't have to go out after all, although Bev reminded me it is Bonfire Night and we should really try and get to see some action.  We'll see, and of course I'm going to share them with Bev.

I haven't opened the package yet but I hope they are walnuts from France.

From Tuesday a signed McTell CD which is his life story...peppered with related songs...for Ken and delivered by hand by the man himself

Last night was a rare and pleasant experience chewing the cud with Amber's parents over a meal. For a change I ordered something I couldn't pronounce and it was very nice. I followed it up with a sweet I couldn't pronounce and it was even nicer.

Gentle chat with good company makes for a great  end to the day. Sadly, we may not see them for years...unless we bite the bullet and tick off a couple of things from my bucket-list in New York State come next Spring. Mmmm! I'm tempted enough to check flights.

Yes, we will nip out and see what's exploding, burning, sparkling, whirling or fizzling.  Perhaps we'll even go AAAH! and OOOH!  We've had the mushy peas and mint sauce along with the baked potato and hot-dogs.  Later we'll have some walnuts.  For the next hour though I'm very, very,very focussed on guess what?  I'll give you three wishes. Oops! I mean guesses!


  1. Walnuts from Derbyshire? My Derbyshire, my home county...
    Oh, how I miss Bonfire night. We're not allowed to have bonfires here in the Aussie countryside. Especially in November! High. Fire. Danger. Hope you enjoyed all the snap, crackles and pops...

  2. Glad the walnuts arrived safely !! Remember they are windfalls so you get the odd that's rotten. But they are delicious. Enjoy !!

  3. Actually Helen the walnuts originated from France but they were posted from Derbyshire.
    So that's where you're from...I did wonder!
    The evening ended up a bit of an anti-climax unfortunately. It was more a case of snap, crackle and flop! Still, there's always next year!

    Hi Jean, yes they ARE delicious! Thanks again!