Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Duck AND lamb tonight!

I am so looking forward to our evening meal.  We have  lamb chops from Mr Bacon the butcher.  I've had my orders to prepare the veg as soon as I get in from work.  I'm already drooling as it's one of my favourite meals. I apologise to all the vegetarians out there but hey, it's a special occasion and I'll be hungry!

So, whats the special occasion?  We'll be eating lamb tonight! Yippee!  It doesn't happen very often.

Last night I watched Flash Forward and wished they would Fast Forward!  I tell you what...the punch line had better be good because I think they were losing the plot a little.  How can someone previously blown to bits suddenly appear as fresh as a daisy?  Mind you, I didn't check to see if she had everything intact but she looked the picture of health from where I was sitting...which wasn't on the edge of my seat. And those commercial breaks every ten minutes are driving me crackers!  No, I can't say I enjoyed the experience.  They need to feed me with more clues and surprises way before the last minute.

Today was overcast with foggy patches.  It was far from beach weather even though some of my thoughts were drifting in that direction.

The last time I was on a beach was in France and, as I walked towards the breakers in the hot sand, I was willing myself to try and remember how happy I was at that particular moment for a future day when winter sets in.  That day was today. The moment was captured and I was walking on that hot sand again. I'm glad I remembered because It somehow put me in a fairly pleasant and positive frame of mind which has lasted right up to this very second.

We have Ken Goddard visiting us tonight and still I'm feeling positive (only kidding, Ken!).  Incidentally can anyone reading this tell me if exclamation marks should be inside or outside brackets?

I blame my English teacher for not inspiring me...or possibly Linda A**** for looking so pretty when the teacher was talking about brackets.  I mean how is a lad to seriously consider brackets with Linda weaving her magic?

Yes, Linda is the one that caused me to want to crawl away and die after finally realising it wasn't her shoulder I was squeezing as we lay in our den down by the lake. I swear my intentions were honourable...dens were far more interesting to me at the time which is why I managed to persuade her to come in...I was never that charismatic or good looking.  That said, it took me all my efforts to persuade her not to come in after that.  Yes, I know... but I was a quivering thirteen year old at the time who blushed at the very sight of girls and she was way too much of a female for comfort. Now if she could play marbles and climb trees it would have been different.

Tonight we're off to Bridgford after Ken leaves and this time I'm taking bread for the ducks.  I know it'll be dark but I think they have lighting down by the bridge.  It could be our winter romantic memory  as opposed to hot sand in summer.

We aren't going just for the ducks as we'd prefer to feed them under Trent Bridge Newark than Trent Bridge Bridgford...it's much prettier with the castle as a backdrop.

If we get back in good time, I'll post a photo and you can decide.

We were going to see Paul Smith in Nottingham...the joiner not the fashion designer, but he was unable to make it so we went to our very own Trent Bridge to feed the ducks.  They were all tucked away in bed and missed out on a free meal.

The castle was awake however...and Bev.

and to finish on a French theme...

We saved up to eat at Cafe Bleu once as it was voted the best in the region...and it was very good with it's artistically presented yummies, large paintings, open fires and live music.  In Newark there are literally hundreds of restaurants / cafes and eat-out places. It's quite a romantic place really.  The fact that a river runs through it and is historically important just adds to it.

Wish I had a good camera...or knew how to take pictures.

I've enjoyed today.


  1. Ken, you should watch Flash Forward like we do--online! That way the commercials are only 30 seconds. I was wondering about Tracy too! But I didn't think to look if she had a leg or not.

    My hubby loves lamb too and enjoys it at Easter.

    I love that first shot of the bridge, castle and Bev's silhouette.

    Exclamation points inside the brackets. :)

  2. Thanks for that Randi. I don't know why my family didn't give me a reminder as they tend to watch everything online.

    The lamb was far too good to wait until Easter.
    If it was up to me it would be quarterly.

    We were the only people on the bridge last night. The whole area was deserted. It was a really nice walk.

    Thanks Miss! (Do your pupils call you Miss?)
    Do I put a full-stop after the bracket? It comes to something when an American teaches an Englishman English! Blogging has made me think more of composition and appreciate the written word more.

  3. Oh dear, I've never heard of Flash Forward.

    Pray tell whose shoulder were you squeezing then if it wasn't Linda's?

    Don't knock your photo taking ability - they all look fine to me

  4. Hi FF
    I'm digging myself into a hole with this part of the post and it can end up being as uncomfortable as the actual event.
    Emphasis should not be placed on HER but on SHOULDER when reading the account. That's as far as I dare go which, strangely enough, sums up my thoughts after that particular incident too.

    It's crisp and in-focus photos I like but can rarely achieve when indoors and evenings with bright lights are involved.

  5. Oh, Flash Forward should be showing world-wide at the same time. It's about everyone in the world blacking out for a few minutes which causes absolute havoc and devastation. When they come-to, some have experienced a vision of their future birth, death or marriage etc! and others have had no vision at all and therefore no future to look forward to. They are beginning to meet the people from their personal Flash Forward and are trying to solve how it all came about while at the same time trying to stop anything bad that is expected to happen to them.

    I think we are on the fourth episode. It's worth watching as you'll soon pick up the thread of things.