Thursday, November 12, 2009

Je suis très èttonné que

Yes, I was amazed to see on Roy Evans Burstiner's blog the photo of Jacques Brel.  I've been trying to remember his name for months as I'd like to download some of his music from iTunes. 

I don't know what he sings about-probably politics and love- but he sings with passion and conviction and has a voice so powerful it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  I know he isn't a native of France, but the sound of the French language he uses is very attractive. It sounds raw and unrefined unlike those who covered his songs. My impression of the short introduction to him is that he was the Dylan of France. He also reminds me of Piaf the way he seems to wear life on his sleeve(is that the right expression?) and just sings his heart out and lets his emotions flow.   I saw a documentary about the 60's and 70's and there he was.  I can't say I approve of his lifestyle but as a singer he immediately caught my attention.  He's definitely up there in my top 20.

This post has published prematurely again.  It published as I was fiddling around trying to get French accents.  Can anyone let me know how to use French accents on my keyboard?

I'd like to finish the post if I get back in time from my meetings tonight...hopefully about 10:00pm.

It was pouring with real English grotty rain all the way to Bridgford but I had a fantastic time trying to learn the song Arabian Nights. The car rocked and I got a few strange looks as people overtook me.

On the way back home the rain had passed so it was easier to drive and sing.  More strange looks but I was determined to learn the song during the forty minute drive.

Bev had waited up for me and became the the one-woman audience and usherette for the special performance-without looking at the words. Yes!  That means I've learned all my words now with just over a week to go.  I didn't think I'd be able to pull the song in as well.  A week is just enough time to polish everything up.

Very happy...I just hope I don't have strange dreams as my brain tries to make sense of what I'm cramming in there.

Thanks for the advice Randi.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'll check it out tomorrow.

Bon nuit mes amis.

Next morning.  Oh it's dead easy on the mac Randi!  I've found the shortcut keys and it also works with Word.  Thanks!

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  1. I know a way to do it in Microsoft Word, if that's what you have----

    Go to Insert at the top of your toolbar.

    Scroll down and click on "Symbol."

    There will be a section under "symbol" titled "Font."

    Use the drop-down box to browse the various fonts there to see if one of them has the French symbols.

    When you find what you want, click "insert."

    Not sure if the changes will save when you copy them to blogspot though...