Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Forty people gave blood yesterday from my workplace and I was one of them.

I was pleased that my iron levels were above average...it means Bev is giving me a balanced diet.

I was horrified at the form I had to fill in regarding lifestyle... and the size of the needle, but soon I was content with my life's blood ebbing away.

As I was stretched out recovering on the couch gazing at the grey clouds and lashing rain outside, I considered what else I could donate for the good of others.

Organs! Yes, they'd have to wait until I die but I could do that! Will there be implications?  Not to my health I concluded, but what about the resurrection?  Nope! I don't think there'll be a problem as a good proportion of deaths are of the blown to bits variety covering all wars and even times of peace.  It very nearly happened to me once...I suppose it can only happen once anyway.

When I was 21 I lived in Leeds and worked in a carpet shop for a while (it's now a restaurant).  One of my responsibilities was to light the boiler on the Winter mornings.  It was a monster of a boiler. To light it I had to screw up a few sheets of newspaper, light it, lie on the cellar floor, turn the gas on and stretch over to the pilot lights with my blazing newspaper.  Yes, you've guessed it.  I became the recipient of a blow-back which knitted my eyes together and frizzled my hair.  I was dragged out by my feet by Melvin and spent the rest of the day at "Jimmies"Hospital.  I wasn't exactly blown up but it felt like it.

Anyway, back to the resurrection.  I'm undecided. If I donate various organs I may have to organise a search party to reclaim what's mine and argue the toss if they haven't the common decency to return what originally wasn't theirs.  It sounds as if it could be fun! We'll see!

Perhaps I'll keep my eyes as they won't be much good to anyone else and I may well need them to go looking for other bits.

The resurrection is an interesting topic.


  1. Do you know that Brits in France are not permitted to donate blood because of the CJD problem - it's true. If you are of an age when you might very possibly have eaten contaminated beef then the French want no part of you in their transfusion system.

  2. Hi FF
    The blood boils!

    I guess they wouldn't be interested in my brain either, but then again, who in their right mind would?

  3. Dad, I'm sure when you told me that story it was in the basement at Binns!