Sunday, November 29, 2009

Church, carols, birthdays and bright lights.

The skies were dark and angry and the rain eventually poured on the way to church this morning but once inside it was warm, bright and friendly. The 18-26yr old Young Single Adults spoke to us...and the theme was?  You've guessed it!

Steph...Knowledge of Christ.
Deb...Who is Christ?
James...Suffering of Christ
Hannah...Death conquered through Christ
Daryl...Personal testimony of Christ in scripture and beyond.

Lydia, Deb, Suzanne and Martha also sang to us.
The other meetings were similarly uplifting.

This afternoon we dropped David and Helen Bourne into the centre of Newark ready for the Christmas Carol singing by the Carlton Male Voice Choir and the official turning on of the lights.

We missed the lights but dropped by afterwards to see them on our return from the family gathering to celebrate Ashley's 24th birthday.

It was a jam-packed day but very enjoyable.

Check these out...

David Bourne and John Collier up in bright lights...they sang really well.

Now our turn...

Bev and me up on the big screen at last...

Can't resist another...this time with Helen.

Bev with Edith later on...

Edith with...

Some of the lights just before entering the square (Bev in the car dazzling me)...out of focus but never mind.

Yes, it was a really good day with the family and, even though Juli was too far away to attend she was able to sing 'happy birthday' to Ashley with us via hands-free mobile.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful day. I love the photos, especially the big screen shots! How cool is that!

  2. Looks like a great day full of happy memories.

  3. John Collier, John Collier, the window to watch
    boom boomty boom boom

    Welcome to the world, Edith

  4. Hi All, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it was a really good day. The screen was a big success as usual. We have it for all types of things. I like the cooking when they do it as we get nice smells too.
    FF you are showing your age with the window to watch...isn't it funny how everyone can remember it!