Saturday, November 21, 2009

Storm before the calm...

Bev is off to rendezvous with her daughters-in-law @ the Showcase Cinemas in Nottingham, leaving me behind to get on with things.  I feel more like Cinders than Aladdin but Hey!Ho!

I'm very much looking forward to the end of this hectic, hectic week!

It's cold, overcast and drizzling so I'm working on the front bedroom.  Here is my list for today (yes, where would we be without them?)
  1. Remove the 16 hinges and four handles from the wardrobe doors in preparation for painting them.  No, you fool!  The doors... not the hinges and handles!
  2. Remove the remainder of the wall-paper that was put up to hide the cracks in the ceiling.
  3. Cover the door-less wardrobes before sanding the ceiling or consider marriage counselling.
  4. Re-direct the position of the light switches from the loft.
  5. Fill the cracks in the ceiling.
  6. If time, sand the dried filling.
  7. Tidy up (if you know what's good for you).
Also...learn the lines that you forgot at the dress rehearsal last night.  Tonight is the night and I can't afford people laughing at me (fat chance!)

Catch up with Blog posts (done!)

I enjoyed The Machinist's Wife, French Fancy and especially A Foreign Quang as it coincided with my thoughts in the wake of our current flooding.

Robin has just called by to borrow a spade and we've tentatively arranged to go around during the week to see the still without a name baby.

Right!  I'd better get moving.  This is the nearest I'll get to being a "Twitter".

Now, do I take the radio to listen to Arsenal beating Sunderland as they surely will? Mmmm, yes I will, because you never can tell!


  1. Hi Ken, I loved your 'to do' number three. To cover the door-less wardrobes. Oh, I can so relate to your wife. That plaster dust is evil. Pure evil. We got it in our hair dozens of times during the course of - you-know-what. Remember how Bridget Bardot wore her hair with the big 'hump' on the crown? That's how your hair goes. Big. Maybe the shampoo manufacturers should take note.
    BTW - did you manage to sand after re-filling the ceiling cracks? I had to smile at this, as we put this off as long as we can. We despise it with. A. Passion.

    My brother's favourite teams were Arsenal and Chelsea. Of course, most of us went for Derby County. Who won, anyway?

  2. Good luck with the show tonight - I'll be thinking of you. As for your busy day - that adage about giving things to a busy person if you want them done really does seem to apply to you (except for the wall - come the spring and the better weather I want to see a photo of it)

    Hope you get time for a cuppa and to put your feet up.

  3. Good luck on the show tonight, even though as I write this, you are probably already in it!

    You are such a handy man! I hope all your projects go well. Were you affected by the flooding?

  4. Hi Helen
    Cracks! I wish there were still cracks to fill! On closer inspection the plasterboards were so damaged by the leak that I had to take half the ceiling down. The other half has to follow!. Bev was impressed with the covers though and she also laughed at you relating to her. I guess you've had a lifetime of it too!

    We've had a magical evening. It was perfect! There were two different shows and they both came together really, really well.

    I didn't forget the key moments unlike at the dress rehearsal. The evening goes down as a memory to treasure.

    To top it all, Sunderland beat Arsenal!

    FF, the brickwork of that wall can't wait until has to be finished by Christmas! I have my orders.

    No Randi, fortunately we weren't affected by the flooding. It was further North that had the brunt of it.

    Incidentally, I'm not that handy...if I was, I'd have finished all my jobs a long time ago.
    Thanks for the good luck wishes...I needed them!