Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bev at the bottom of the garden...again!

I almost choked when Bev casually mentioned that Keith Woodward had died yesterday.  Keith is a good friend of the family as well as being Serene's dad.  What she meant to say was that Edward Woodward the actor had died.

I've never been happier to hear of his demise even though I liked him a great deal.
I've enjoyed his acting ever since he played 'Callan' between 1967-72...especially the early B&W episodes.

Here he is with 'Lonely'.


I don't know why I liked it so much because he always ended up killing somebody...usually a Russian agent. 

I suppose he was the less glam pre-James Bond without a hint of adoring women.  He was a cultured, chess-loving reluctant government assassin who was every bit as lonely as his 'snitch' and every bit as much an outcast too.

Speaking of government officials...I reckon we'll be getting a visit from one soon if this (see picture) turns out to be what I think it is.

Bev dug it out from the garden the other day.  Now I know why she's always anxious to spend time in the garden.


What do you think?  It looks like she's already been nibbling at it!
She took it into work yesterday to get the verdict from the 'Professionals'.  She insists a bird must have dropped the seed but I have my doubts.  Can you remember how often I've said how happy I THOUGHT she was  down at the bottom of the garden... for hours on end? Well, now I KNOW she was really happy and I know WHY!

We'll just have to see what government visitors we get over the next week or so.

On the way home tonight I accompanied Sonia down the dark alleyway and across the dark field as she was too afraid to go alone and needed to get home quickly.  Normally she would walk the long way round. She was surprised as we eventually approached where I live as she'd been passing the house every day admiring the progress but had no idea I lived there.

Tonight I have to finish the quiz for Children in Need day at work on Friday.  For once I'm certain to get all the questions right...but still not getting a prize!  

(There's something going wrong with my text size by the looks of it.)

Congratulations to Niki on the birth of her baby girl yesterday...and Robin, of course!  No name yet.


  1. Ha!!! Dad you really should be careful what you put on here-you could get in real trouble one dad and not just form me dropping you in it with MIL!

  2. It looks like some sort of mint to me. That's what you should go with.

  3. I couoldn't believe my eyes for a moment then. As someone who used to partake of those sorts of leaves very often I got quite excited.

    Your link has disappeared btw.