Friday, November 20, 2009

Children in Need...

I compiled this quiz for our workplace today. Can you answer any of them? By the way, I do not watch soaps...I had to look them up...except for the Simpsons and Ena Sharples.

Thanks Eileen for the answer to the minim question.  It would have been embarrassing to have set the question and not be sure of the answer...I was a 1/4 out!  It's no wonder I didn't get past grade 1V.

Unfortunately I'll miss most of CinN tonight as I have a dress rehearsal for the performance tomorrow night.  I'll catch a little of it but there is no way I'll be in a fit state to follow it into the early hours.

Children in Need General Quiz.

1. Name five colours beginning with 'P'.
2. What is the nickname of the bronze boxing medallist in the Beijing Olympics of last year?
3. Model 5,202,412...the last ever, rolled off the production line @ Halewood. What was its name?
4. Which "always will be famous” 18yr old was photographed cleaning toilets in December 2000? His Mum is even more famous!
5. What is the name of the Vodafone Group CEO, his star sign, when he was married, how many children he has and which army is he a reserve officer of? (1 point only, because we ought to know something about the man who regularly sends us emails and keeps us employed).

*Bonus question: Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special winners 2008…who were they?

6. Holby City...when Jess Griffin first arrived, what job was she given at the hospital by her dad?
7. What is the name of Emmerdale's Chastity Dingle's son?
8. Ena Sharples sat in the snug of The Rover's Return with two other women. Name them and which one wore the glasses?
9. Charlotte in LOST became a Cultural Anthropologist. Why? (5 points)
10. Who lives in the home of the Simpsons?

*Bonus question: The actor who played "Callan" died this week. What was his name? (15 points)

11. In any competition, what was the longest penalty shoot-out before someone MISSED?
13. Sunderland beat which team to win their last FA Cup Final and who managed that team?
14. The Premiership has how many teams, what is the name of the ground of the team propping it up and has Derby County ever been a Premiership team?
15. Notts County was established in this year.
16. Forest's City ground has what seating capacity?
*Bonus question: There isn’t one. Make one up and if you get the answer correct, give yourself 5 points

17. Who sang "My Ding A Ling" (5 points)
18. Who won 2007 "X" Factor, where does he come from and what football team does he support?
19. What is the value of a minim + a crotchet + a semi-quaver?
20. Robbie Williams met up with which group this week in preparation for Children in Need today. Where did they meet, and what was the final song sung?
21. Who is currently # 1 in the singles charts?

*Bonus question: Which group opened last year's Children in Need show?

Children in Need XTRA bonus questions 10 points each correct answer...

21. When was the very first broadcast for Children in Need, how long was the broadcast and how much did it raise?
22. What year was the first dedicated 'whole evening' programme for raising money for Children in need, who fronted it and how much did it raise?
23. How much was raised last year for Children in Need
*Final random bonus question: Up to August 2009, how many VF employees were there in both Newark sites?


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