Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another special day...

I've been that busy this afternoon transferring everything over from my old pc and emailing family and friends that time has caught up with me.  I've had emails from 2006 to read through and decide if I should has worn me out!

Its been a really good day all the same although MIL is very quiet and didn't eat with us today.  I hope she hasn't remembered the conversation with Juli last night!  I'll do some investigating tomorrow.

I wanted to post something about the Darwin couple but it will have to wait for another day as I'm out of time and should be tucked up in bed.

Thinking about it, perhaps it isn't really suitable for Sunday anyway.

I should remember to keep Sunday special...which has been the case today.


  1. What happened with MIL? Is she unwell? What did Juli say?

  2. Hi FF
    No, she's fine!
    Juli didn't read my post about MIL accurately and put her foot in it. See Saturdays post.

    I don't think she did too much damage as she's quite perky today and spoke to me.

  3. Righty ho - checked back and am in the loop. Sorry I can't keep up with you.