Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MIL...strong, stubborn, proud and British.

Last night MIL innexplicably conquered her twin fears of water and flying and agreed to come to France with us.

Now I don't often have such pleasant dreams, but this was one.

I've decided to feature her today as my thoughts drifted from Mussolini to her during our two minutes silence at 11:00am. ..she was born around the time he was coming to power and I was comparing characteristics (just kidding!)

She has some amazingly detailed stories of wartime which make nonsense of her claim to be losing her memory.
If there is ever to be another war, you'd want her on your side.

So, she's 78 year old and has been living with us ever since we built the extension to house her and my father in law who has since passed on.

She is as immovable as Monarchy and even looks like QE2 (the woman not the ship).

She is diabetic with high blood pressure and has other conditions I've never heard of or can spell.  Her prescribed pills and potions will keep a chemist open and fully staffed all year round I should think.

Under her own steam she has weekly forages into town and is regularly offered a seat in some shop in order to  recover from the implications of forgetting to inject her insulin twice daily.

She always returns with more than what's on her shopping list and the trolley she drags around with her is falling apart under the strain.

She regularly runs over my feet with said trolley...even when it's easier to miss me. I fancy there is method there!

She is famed for her forever-full bag of chocolate bars and  is now into 3rd generation supply on demand on Sundays at church.

Her generosity and thoughtfulness are only surpassed by her outspoken and stubborn tendancies.

Her tongue can be as bitter as it can be sweet and should you get on the wrong side of her, beware!

She has needles and wool permanently attached to her hands and must have knitted for every baby in the world.

Bev has to regularly check her cupboards and fridge to ensure she's eating enough as well as throwing away what might harm out of date meats.

She regularly leaves taps running...just when I want a bath!

She's well loved by everyone but me apparently.  But even I love her in reality...once I've had my bath.

We watch football together in her living room while Bev watches rubbish in ours and we travel to church every Sunday with her on the back seat trying to put the world right.

Pet hates...she regularly switches the radio on on Sunday when she knows we do everything to avoid it.  I know she's in her own 'wing' of the house, but we still faintly hear it.

Repetition...drives me nuts!

Perhaps sometimes too fiercely patriotic and politically incorrect.

When she leaves her door open and the TV is loud, we get the sound a split second before ours which is why I tend to watch football in her place...I was fed up with hearing her celebrating a goal before it actually happened in our room.

She has a good appreciation and knowledge of the game though and I like her company.

Loves...we love to hear her laughter faintly drift through.

We love to have her eat at our table on Sunday.  Sometimes we engage antlers but mostly we engage in good conversations.

I'm as stubborn as she is which isn't always good, but it's never dull.

Long may she live because I've been misunderstood lately regarding comments I've made and will feel really guilty if she pegs-it tomorrow.

Seriously though, she's great to have around and is as honest as the day is long in her opinions and lifestyle.

You'd go a long way to find a woman like my MIL.


  1. I'll never forget when our Helen asked her to knit a few pairs of bootees for her newborn kits for Africa - how many did she give her?? 75 pairs! Amazing lady.

    P.S. Ken. While you are asking about grammar - loves (plural) does not have an apostrophe. And while I'm at it .... what is the difference between it's and its???

  2. Awe that's just an oversight Eileen...a recurring one!
    Does a double question mark mean it's two questions? i'm going to look it up. I'm sure you can't have two. Okay, perhaps I won't. Who cares??

    Bev says we'll be around about 7pm Friday. We're looking forward to a good night with our bestest friends.

  3. Aha - I've worked it out !! MIL means mother-in-law, right ??
    Crikey, that grammar school education wasn't wasted after all.