Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Under pressure

I shouldn't really check my email just before going to bed. I was awake most of the night thinking about them it well as McTell songs bouncing around my head.  One email in particular suddenly turned into a 500 watt lightbulb.  It was the one reminding me of the things I've committed myself to.  Without my diary to remind me, they had not so much slipped my mind , as crept up on me.  It's THIS Saturday that I have a rehearsal for Aladdin.  I haven't even looked at the script yet.  I thought I had ages!  If I had three wishes, I know what will be the first!

It's also THIS Sunday that I have an assignment to speak in front of the entire congregation, and it's THIS Sunday that I have a teaching assignment.  Well, that takes care of all three wishes...I wish!

I was out last night (great night!), I'm out tonight for a meal with B+A&A+E+A&A's parents.  I'm out Thursday evening. So Friday evening is the only time I have to prepare everything.

I'm also aware that I haven't bought a single Christmas present yet and I should be starting the decorating of the main bedroom.  Let's not forget that I still have to finish my wall.

Yes, I feel under pressure.  My life is exceeding the speed limit at the moment

Help!! If anyone has a photographic memory for hire, I'd appreciate it.  If not, a pause button or a dusty old  lamp will do!

I think I'm A laddin trouble now!


  1. Ken, this post made me smile. Don't you love it when life is so full? Ha ha... You'll get through it all and probably surprise yourself. Acting, speaking, teaching, socialising, decorating. There you go - how's that for a photographic memory? tee hee...

    A lad in trouble indeed!

  2. The wall - I'll never forget your wall - I've never known anyone else build one so I'm well impressed - never mind your pantomime, church activities, community affairs - it's all about the wall with me.

  3. Hi Helen
    I'm glad you're smiling...but I wish it wasn't at my expense!
    I suppose you're right...what's the worst that can happen? TOTAL HUMILIATION! I can live with that. :) I enjoyed your post about your son incidentally. He needs to just carry on the way he is going. He's a great example of what SHOULD be the attitude of any country.

    FF, I think I've hit a brick wall with my brick wall. It looks as though I'll have to go the other side of Nottingham to find someone to do wrought iron as the local person has gone out of business. I'm also short of the old blue bricks. I'll press forward though. I'll get there in the end.

  4. You have to finish it - I'm relying on you.