Friday, November 27, 2009

Tragedy for Stefan, family and friends

What a tragedy this story is from The Times today...

"A former university student and grammar schoolboy was crushed to death in the back off a bin lorry after falling into a life of drink and drugs.

Stefan Tomkins, 31, was killed after he fell asleep in an industrial refuse container as he sheltered from the rain. He was unable to escape when the bin was emptied into the back of a truck containing a powerful crusher".

His parents had thrown him out of the family home because of his lifestyle and it's effect on them.  How must they feel now! I really feel for them.  Where can they turn for peace when something like that happens?

Tomorrow we go to the's a place where we go for peace amongst other things, but first we'll be attending our church welfare meeting tonight. 

For those who don't know, our welfare meeting is a committee that meets every month in an effort to identify and assist those in need. Such committees are replicated throughout the world within our church. No doubt Christians the world over and across hundreds of denominations are involved with similar good work. It's a shame Stefan won't benefit but hopefully others will.

I feel very fortunate that up to now I'm living a tragedy-free existence...long may it continue.

On the way home I was not too proud to stoop to pick up a penny.  I didn't even look to see if anyone was watching.

Today marked my last full working week at Vodafone.  I'll only be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in future and painting Thursday and Friday.  I feel quite pleased that I've actually done something to change my life experience...hopefully for the better.

So, from next Friday I'll be posting my efforts over the two days, and the expectation is that I will have produced one marketable work of art each week.

Mmm!  Do I feel pressure already?

Preston Temple...

We'll pick Jon up from Leeds on the way...really looking forward to the day!

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