Friday, November 13, 2009

A chilling Friday the 13th...

My thoughts on this Friday the 13th go to Chris and Juli and family.

I was intrigued by the fact that they met each other on the 13th. It was the 13th that the offer was accepted on the house they currently are moving from...which is number 13.  They met each other on the 13th and now today(the 13th) they become the legal owners of the new house... which is also number 13.

I hope everything goes well! We're thinking of you.

The number one (1) resonates with us Juli...

You were our first-born. You were the first to bring joy into our lives. The first of our children to leave home...which brought us more joy (kidding!) The first of our children to be married...even greater joy, and I'm not kidding! You were also the first of our children to have beyond measure.

Sooooo, I hope you realise that whatever you do next also brings with it expectation. No pressure!!

Up to now, this Friday 13 has to be my happiest.

I've just had my 1/2 yearly PD at work and they are happy too.  Our little team have saved the company so much money that we are rolled out to the powers-that-be as shining examples and a pattern for the future.  Although our individual bank balances will remain impoverished, it's nice to be appreciated.

Tonight we are chilling with David and Eileen... quite appropriate for Friday the 13th!

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