Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas plans...

Oh my word, we almost slept in this morning! It was a rush to get up and out.  I am feeling every single one of my 32 years!

I'm at work now and thinking of Christmas. It's fast approaching and there is still so much to be decided.

We still aren't sure if Boxing Day will be spent in Sunderland, Mansfield, Leeds or Newark.  We don't know where the tree will be located and we haven't even started with presents (children excluded).

Are we bothered? No!   It'll be an uncomplicated and simple time. We'll be together somewhere and we'll be happy enough.

This year we've asked for a card through the postal system with an additional wrapped card inside containing our children's Christmas memories.  We'll put these under the tree...wherever that may be.  It's going to be so good to open and read them on Christmas morning.

There is also a family challenge out there with the adults only, to come up with the most original and thoughtful  present...costing under £5.  We're offering a prize for the one voted the winner.

We'll be starting the day on our own with a traditional early morning walk.  It's a great way to begin the day.  When the kids were growing up it was a time to reflect and talk about the Christmas Story as well as things we appreciate in life. It wasn't always a popular activity because they were eager to open their presents but they now look back on those times with do we!

By lunch time we will be at Martin & Sarah's for Christmas turkey.

That's it! The rest is as clear as mud...for now at least!

We've been out visiting tonight and, although enjoyable, we are back feeling tired and the worse for wear.

Time for bed.  Let's hope we don't sleep-in tomorrow.

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