Friday, February 12, 2010


I don't usually receive awards but a little while ago I did...out of the blue. I've just remembered that there are things I should do after receiving it, but first of all thank you Jean A box of beads for sending it to me. 

The rules for accepting the award are :
  • Put the logo on your blog or within a post
  • Pass the award on to 12 bloggers
  • Link the nominees within your post
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link the person from whom you received this award
My nominees for the award are:

Randi of Foreign Quang notoriety.
Bright, zingy, funny and Queen of Quang. She would be the Queen of England too if she was English and the job was vacant. Oops! Since when did being English have anything to do with being an English Monarch?

Blucamels in Brittany
Blu...for her incredible photographs, shared thoughts, observations and that link to a world I dream of from time to time.

Damp Flat Books
For giving me a little bit of inspiration and direction for my website...if it ever comes about.

French Fancy
For her honesty, loyalty, sympathy and easy style of communication.

The Machinists Wife and Daily Pie
Helen...for sharing her life, fears, ambitions and frustrations...all beautifully encapsulated within her own unique and warm way of communication.

Just pleasantly floundering around...Molly Potter, a woman still growing comfortably into her skin. This award is for her honesty and observation...a breath of fresh air to her readers...those who can keep up with her. She hails from Norwich(a place I couldn't spell until in my 30's), but hey, someone has to live there.

Artists who blog
For an inspirational collection of talent and insight...her own and hundreds of others.

Snippets...Vera, for sharing the struggle of living a dream and her warm heart.

The Poulton Family daughter Juli, for who she is and the way she mirrors her dad in the manic way she lives life.

Mug of strong tea...Phil, for his trials, attitude and love for food.

Ash & Amber...for keeping my granddaughter very close.

Polly-Vous Français...for her sheer sophistication.

Now I know Robert Brault won't be too interested in this so I won't pass it on, but he's probably the most talented person I know.

All of my nominees can be found to my right...'I keep tabs on these'.

Most of these incredible people have come into and shared my life over the past year.

My normal journal post for today will come from Sunderland this evening when the day is done.

It was a lovely non-stop and no traffic drive all the way to Sunderland. The day is done and so am I. I think I've only read three stories but I'm zonked! These grandkids of ours move so fast and change conversation so many times that it's hard to focus on which planet you're on. One of the stories was in French...Nemo! How cool is that?

I'm here to work but won't know exactly what I'll be doing until tomorrow.

The embers of the fire are dying and the place is quiet at last. Time to get my head down and dream of Pixars.


  1. First of all I love your banner sketch - it cleverly hides the fact that you are actually a proper artist who can knock out a gorgeous picture

    Congrats on your well-deserved award and thank you for passing it on to me. I must do a blog post about it very soon

  2. Ooooooo

    I'll have to read the instructions again.
    What logo?

    You nearly made me get defensive about Norritch. It's a beautiful place.

  3. No, it isn't the Poulton family, it's ME.
    Hi FF
    You deserve a sunshine award but if you keep throwing compliments, I'll take it back.
    I've been reading some of your older blogs incidentally...very readable and entertaining.

    Hi Molly P...I know it's a beautiful place. My DinL comes from that area and we've been into town a few times. I thought I'd draw you out but you've shown great restraint. So THAT'S how you spell it!

  4. Ken,
    The most talented person you know looks back at you out of your own mirror. But thanks anyway.


  5. Ken, just look at the wonderful friends you have and enjoy blogging as much as you do. It's wonderful to see such friendship over the net and I must say - you are worth all the comments and compliments, 'cos what you are saying about others is exactly what / how you are, too. I loved what FF said about your header. I got the same impression. I love art like this as much as I love a Rembrandt, and she is right because I've seen your 'other' art which you will be selling in Brittany. Oh, and as for the honest, warmth of writing...beep beep.... that's you, too!

  6. Hi Robert
    What I see looking back at me from inside that mirror is considered a blessing in that at that point I haven't yet put my glasses on. If glasses were first on, I'd stare in horror and disbelief. It's a testament to true love that Bev is still with me.

    Hi Helen
    I agree with your first sentence and graciously accept the middlish bit, but the rest is really you.