Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's all in the mind

I love the way Wednesday comes around so quickly to leave me facing two blissful days of painting.

With the thought of how gazelle-like the years are sprinting away from me, I halted myself in the kitchen with this unwelcome ten years time, I will be just two short of my 70th birthday. 70!! That's old. That's really old! That's older than I wanted to be in twelve years time.

I'm horrified that I may just have about a dozen years to do all my mountain climbing, white water rafting, wind surfing, hiking, scuba diving, cliff jumping, roof slating, house building, tree lopping and a host of other 'ing's.

Kirsty at work reckons I'm looking older than I really am and others were too quick to agree. This prompted me to ask if there was a botox clinic in Newark. She thinks I would only be able to afford one line at a time which means I'll be long gone before the job is done. Now isn't that just typical!

It doesn't help watching Lindsey Vonn hurtling downhill like a lunatic to win gold at the Olympics, or Anja Paerson (not sure how to spell it) being suicidal on the final straight.

Oh well, no sense in throwing good money away. It's time to accept harsh reality. I'm an old geezer, or will be very soon!

No, I've changed my mind. My body may soon resemble a prune but my mind will race with the gazelles and ski with the loonies.


  1. “My body may soon resemble a prune but my mind will race with the gazelles and ski with the loonies” So sweet Ken... a creative & sharing person like you is directly & indirectly enriching many lives around – am sure it gives you a sense of inner peace and groundedness, that’s not eroded by time!

  2. Yes, but 58 is the new 45. As for me 52 in two week's time, well thats the new 39.

    Happy painting.

  3. Actually Raj, I think I'm a restless spirit. There's something in my distant hidden past that prevents me from making the most of inner peace. It's nice of you to say I'm enriching lives...pretty cool! Thanks, I'll accept that even though it may not be true.

    Hi FF
    I made a mistake. I'm really 48 and my new hobby is telling white lies. I see that we share the same hobby.