Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Back to normal

I walked in the freezing sleet and arrived home wet and uncomfortable. The heating wasn't on because we had turned the water off. When David arrived he informed us that the central heating has it's own supply and that turning the water off didn't affect it. We didn't have to freeze. I thought this was funny in a perverse sort of way...poor MIL has been without heat all day.

Well done David. After a few little trips to Homebase the job was completed and we can all go to the loo now.


  1. See how easy stuff is when you are an expert. Glad the problem is behind you now.

  2. Hi FF
    You are right, they have a knack of making it look all so simple. Yes, I'm very happy too that it's all in the past now.
    I wonder what else is waiting to happen?

  3. My mum always says that an expert is a 'has been drip under pressure'... sorry dad!

  4. Is that John Flinn speaking here about my best friend? A drip! Is that what you are saying? Just wait until I see you again.