Monday, February 08, 2010

Film night.

I didn't check the rating but was surprised to see so many virtual toddlers. We crept to our seats in darkness after the film was a few minutes old and it wasn't long before the constant kicking at the back of our seat commenced. I looked around ready to give them a piece of my mind only to be confronted by a little angel. A quick glance uncovered a whole lot of parents with kids in tow.

Those poor kids will have nightmares.

I have to admit to it being an excellent film...all the more so because of the generosity of Bev's bosses who ensured we didn't have to spend a single penny. Well, not until the end at least. It was a case of AVA...treat on us. TA' very much!


  1. And the film was?...Interesting to see that you are reading about Piaf.

  2. Blu - I think the word clue is in the last line

  3. When Jurassic Park first saw the light of day, I went to see it and was terrified. I had to close my eyes in the "dinosaur chasing children in the kitchen" scene. I was surrounded by young kids who seemed to be lapping it up.

    Mind you, I did used to hide behind the sofa when Mr Pastry was on the telly in the 50's.

    I suppose I have what would have been described as a "nervous disposition" although really I just get upset at any cruelty or abuse of humans or animals.

    Anyway, what film was it - I don't get the clue.

  4. Hi All (except FF who is super observant)
    AVATAR was the film.

    Blu...did you enjoy your English break? I'm reading Piaf as a spin-off from your post.

    Jean...I was the same with Jurassic and I'd forgotten all about Mr Pastry. That really is a blast from the past.