Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good healthy sea air

Went to see UP with Chris and the grandkids while Bev and Juli hit the town for a bit of shopping. As we twisted up to the top floor of the car park I caught sight at every level of the area of Sunderland I grew up in...the river and docks in particular. As we got out of the car there was a poster encouraging getting to know and discover the very same places, and there it was...the first school I attended. It was quite nostalgic.

Once inside the cinema, Anna-Belle sat on my knee for a while and promptly stretched her legs to almost rest on the head of the man sitting in front of us. It happened a few times.

The film was really very good and had me almost in tears a number of times. Cartoons are very good these days, aren't they?

Later, Bev and I took a drive along the seafront past the windmill and lighthouse before reaching Marsden where we parked up and took a little walk. The waves crashed violently and the gulls squealed as we read the various plaques on the commemorative benches that lined the cliff edge. I was horrified to read that most of the deaths were of men much younger than me. So much for healthy sea air.

Once back home, we were responsible for feeding, bathing, reading to and putting to bed all the kids while Chris and Juli went for a meal. We started about 4:30 and finished about 8:30pm. Hard work...particularly  for Bev who did the lions share.

Zonked! Not able to concentrate on French.


  1. Hi thanks for the award, I will try and blog this week, I have a bit of a headache after being in a car crash! Not able to concentrate on much!

  2. I suppose eventually you will check the Friend request that you have pending on Facebook

    I suppose one of the good things about having grandkids is getting to take them out.

  3. There's good reasons why we mostly reproduce under 40!!!

    Now I want to look up UP - not heard of it!

  4. Car crash!! Were you hurt? Its obviously shaken you up if nothing else. What on earth happened Blu?

    Hi FF
    I've just got home so I'll check it out. I must say though that I don't fancy my chances of sticking with Facebook. I was going to have a good chat with my sons after feedback from fellow bloggers, but it still seems too manic for me.
    Yeah, it was good to be with the GK's. They keep you young.

    Hi Molly P
    You're right! We could never cope full-time now. A weekend is the most we are able to physically and mentally manage.

    Up is a Pixar movie. If I'm honest, I was showing signs of wandering slightly half-way through when it suddenly came back to full strength again. Definitely a film worth watching ...especially with grandkids.