Sunday, February 14, 2010


There's D-Day and there's V-Day. Do the wrong thing and there could well be parallels with war.

Bev, having stressed that we should not get involved with such sentimentality, coyly planted a kiss on my cheek while at the same time bringing forward a gift from behind her back. It was something for my neck. Not a noose for me today of all days, but a tie. And a very nice tie at that.

Had I not known her, I would have sheepishly protested that she wasn't being fair.  We had after all decided not to get caught up with it all. But I do know her and therefore was ready to reciprocate.

Why do we always play this game? She knows I dare not forget.

I know she loves me because of what she does for me and the way that she does it...year after year after year. She knows I love her because of what I do for her...year after year after year and despite the way I do it. We are well matched and far too sentimental for our own good.

Love is way more than what hangs around one's neck or adorns mantlepieces, but the absence of such tangible things on such occasions as this is something to consider at your peril.

I have to say that I was slightly disappointed that I didn't get a bar of Dairy Milk.


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  2. Delighted to read Ken "We are well matched and far too sentimental for our own good." An ancient proverb says - may you walk a hundred autumn together !

  3. Hi FF
    I didn't buy anything. I created a card with a sufficiently powerful and humorous message to make her feel a million dollars. The things that money can't buy impress her the most.

    Hi Raj
    We're getting closer by the year!

  4. My dad is convinced, without a doubt, that love is = help. Whether it comes in a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual form, it's love. The older I get, the more I agree. God created Adam. God didn't want him to be alone, so He created Eve. He created Eve to help...

  5. No Helen, He created Eve to inspire Adam and drag him from the depths to fulfil his true potential.
    Okay, the official description is 'an help meet' but her role seems pretty understated to me.

  6. Ken, I love how you describe Eve's purpose! Thankyou for your honesty. Help, because of love, covers so many aspects doesn't it?