Thursday, February 18, 2010

My happy list

If Randi can have one so can I. Actually, I'll include things that bug as you know I'm not happy all the time.
  • I hate having a stupor of thought and just gaze into space looking like the fool that I feel.
  • I'm happy when I'm happy and it's the same when I'm laughing...I love it.
  • I hate wasting time, being late, letting people down or...darn it, I'm having a stupor of thought!
  • I'm really happy when everything comes together when I write, paint or am trying to explain something.
  • I hate hitting the caps lock and not realising until halfway into a sentence.
  • I love being inspired.
  • I hate having to lie to Bev when she asks how many quality street I've had while she was out.
  • I love honesty in marriage.
  • I hate the things some people do which impact on everyone else...burglary, fraud, drink driving...cheating at monopoly.
  • I'm really happy when I watch my family interact.
  • I hate being misunderstood.
  • I'm happy knocking walls down and re-building them elsewhere.
  • I hate buses being late when it's raining or drivers drenching you as they deliberately drive though puddles.
  • I'm happy chopping firewood.
  • I hate people who say yes but they don't.
  • I like people who say no but they do and I love people who say yes and do what they say.
  • I hate people being crude.
  • I'm really happy if I can see a film that I've read the book.
  • I really, really hate following a car who's occupants throw rubbish out.
  • I love music, painting, pottering in the garden, walking, visiting, helping out, moussaka, dandelion & burdock, compliments, pay increases, holidays, friends, grandchildren and...blogging!
I've done some of the above today and when Bev get back I'm prepared to lie again.


  1. I loved this post - and share many of the same hates and loves.

  2. I love reading your blog and I hate the same things as you !!

  3. Loved it Ken. Can fully relate to "I'm really happy when everything comes together when I write, paint or am trying to explain something." Have added a few notes at

  4. Hi FF
    I'm pleased you liked the post. I think I could add quite a few more dislikes without trying too hard.

    Hi Jean
    I love reading your blog too!

    Hi Raj
    I think most people can relate to that one because we do tend to struggle at times.
    I'll check your post out.