Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off to bed

Martin & Sarah stayed over last night so that Sarah could catch the train to London to watch Phantom of the Opera with a few friends. Actually, it's the sequel 'Love never dies' which officially opens next week.

I heard a scream as I was in the bathroom and ran out to the source whilst taking care to knock first. Sarah was sat upright in bed opening presents. The birthday girl had just discovered she has tickets to see some singer with a name that sounds like Duvet, Toupe´ or Buble´. Whoever he is she was pretty excited about getting tickets for the show...some time in May.

I watched Inter v Chelsea with Bev tonight, but she only lasted about an hour before deciding on an early night. I don't think I'll ever fully understand her.

Sarah won't get back from London until about 1:00am and Martin is eager to stay up to hear all about it.

I can't wait! I mean I can't wait...I'm tired and I'm off to bed.  I don't think he'll ever fully understand me.


  1. Ken, you've got to be up on these things. It's Michael Buble and here's a link to hear him: . Hope you enjoy. Let me know?

  2. On reflection, maybe it's not JUST his voice that Sarah is excited 'bout...

  3. PS - gotta love key changes... Oh man. Better go. The Machinist needs his coffee. Then again, so do I.. ha ha ha....

  4. How come your ma-in-law didn't watch the footie with you? I thought she is your kindred spirit in this.

  5. Hi Helen
    I'll check out Buble man to see if your 2nd comment is right.

    Hi FF
    MIL has a fuzzy picture on that channel and hasn't been invited to watch it with us. Only kidding, she prefers her fuzzy channel and I'm certainly not going to downgrade. She's on her own on this one.

  6. Okay Helen, so perhaps Sarah sees more than a singer. I'll have to tell her off.

  7. Ken - try this link and fingers crossed the buffering is not too laggy

  8. Actually, they sound very good. Not sure about the feathers on the shoulders though.
    Thanks FF.