Monday, February 22, 2010

Bev is tops!

My profile states I'm 58. As of today I really am.

As I dragged these old bones out of bed and my dinosaur-like metatarsals hit the carpet, I determined to put a brave face on it. Bev had already cooked a full breakfast and had laid my presents out ready for me so I oozed appreciation and even smiled as we trudged across the frosted snow on the way to work.

I had an awful day from the second I entered the over-heated building that was my prison for the day. The only highlight was the birthday wishes and gifts from my thoughtful team mates.

Bev was waiting for me as my nostrils hit fresh air at the end of the day to whisk me to that rather posh Italian restaurant in town. We managed to park the car immediately outside...a good omen.

I chose the Pollo Alla Diavola with a side bowl of FF's and salad. Bev had the Fusilli Alla Genovese. We sipped J2O Apple and mango and Vita & Monteforte...sparkling water to you and me. To finish off we had La Meringue-Nido and pancake filled with ice cream and draped in chocolate and cream.

The atmosphere was good as was the conversation and Bev sure looks good to me tonight...even more than usual.

Thanks Bev, for making the day memorable.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ken Devine! It sounds like you had a wonderful day and I am so glad. You deserve the best. Here's to a great year of being 58! Cheers!

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday. What a softie and a romantic you are.

  3. Hi Randi
    Thank you. I didn't have a particularly good day but it ended very well. As for my first and only 58th year...I hope it'll be great too. I found out that a man is at his happiest in his 70's...that'll do me just fine.

    Hi Jean
    Thank you for the birthday wishes and yes, Pisces to a tee.
    Has your snow disappeared yet?

  4. Ken, happy belated birthday to you! I love the way you seek the good in life, despite what is actually going on in life. As in the roof problem in your other post. It's also delightful to see your appreciation for lovely Bev and all that you are grateful for. May this new 'age' year continue to be inspiring, healthy and a happy one.

  5. I'll raise a glass of 'Dandy' to that Helen.