Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I discovered my Welsh and tried out my Scottish, Irish, Brummie and Yorkshire accents today at work. I think my Scottish was the best. Kirsty laughed at my new-found Welsh and Karen thumped me for insulting her Yorkshire roots.

It made me think about how much I know about my beloved England. Not much as it happens. I appear to be proud of being something of which I know little about.

For instance, I didn't really know how many counties there were, or how many shires.  Do you, without googling it? I know how many states there are in America and in France, young children can recite all the departments with ease, yet I still don't know how many there are. It's not that I can't remember or anything...I never knew to begin with.

Anyway, before I completely embarrass myself...
Welcome to Rajeev Arora who left a comment recently and I've just noticed that he is a follower (silhouette).  Where do you hail from, live or hang out Raj? Let us know a little something about you...but it's okay if you don't really want to.

Sometimes I'm just a bit too pushy for my own good.


  1. I'm with you on the ignorance about the British Isles. I'm okay if I have been somewhere but I get in a terrible muddle about which bit of Ireland famous place names are in - that sort of thing.

    As for being pushy - I think it is good to wonder about the people that follow one - especially unknown silhouetted people.

  2. Always a pleasure Ken. Yours truly migrated to Australia from India 20 years back. Going to be 50 in 3 months! Deeply admire the creative genius of artists, poets, singers, sages... Writing diary as a means to reflect & share. Thanks again

  3. Hi FF
    I'm surprised to find out different information about the numbers of counties that we have. I'll post the results later. The shires are easier. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    Hi Raj
    So you are a youngster still in your forties! Make the most of the next three months.

    Thanks for the information...it's nice to know something about the people who leave comments. I take it that you like my art as I'm certainly not a poet, singer or sage. You are most welcome anyway and thank you again for freely telling us something about yourself.

  4. Thanks Ken, pleasure to share the easy flow of ideas: plus art. I admire the way a picture can convey so much to each one of us ! Have posted a few notes on the blog as well.