Sunday, February 21, 2010

A day with my sons

This is what I woke up to...that's my studio (summer) at the bottom of the garden.
We still managed to get to church but not before a snowball fight seconds after this was perfect snow for snowballs. No, I didn't start it.

Yesterday was quite a day. I spent most of it with my sons who joined me for bacon butties at 8:00am. After breakfast they helped me by doing a few little jobs.

Martin removed overhanging branches into our neighbours garden (inspiration from Jeans recent post). Ashley washed our car and Jon downloaded a whole load of French audio stuff for me to put on my phone. We then hit town so they could help me choose a few ties and a new pair of specs.

Just look at how nice it was yesterday...
I tried to get the lamp coming out of Ashley's head, the parasol directly above Jon's head and the chimney pot coming out of Martin's head but couldn't quite manage it.
They were in a mischievous mood...
They just couldn't stop messing around...
I liked the contrasting light here as we came out of the butter market...

  • Messing around with all the specs in the two opticians we terrorised.
  • The temptation to dance to the accordion buskers music.
  • Jon dragging us into a womens fashion shop insisting they had a mens section right at the back. The female assistants were amused.
  • Sitting on the bench and chatting as we watched the flow of the market.
  • Turning quickly to walk straight into a bollard.
  • Two strikes at bowling (I came joint 2nd).
  • Evening meal at The Goose at Gamston with Martin, Sarah and Bev.
I thought this was funny as we passed it...

When I last had my eyes tested four years ago, the lenses alone cost £300 so I thought I'd be spending at least £450 including the frames. The identical lens will cost just £149 and the frames were reduced from £172 to £72. So it was a good day all round... marred only by the result of SAFC against Arsenal...can't win 'em all!

Final thought as I closed my eyes to sons are the best!


  1. So when are we having a daddy-daughter day?

  2. How lucky you are to have handsome and loving sons. I think I recognise the market square in Newark. It must have been a super day for you.

  3. Ken, it makes me so HAPPY to hear of another having fun with their children, no matter what age!

    From, the Fug Downunder

  4. I was with you last week Juli. Okay, it wasn't just us two I admit. I'm looking forward to May when you come to France. There is at least one walk I'm very much looking forward to in a nearby very special place with a very special are invited too! lol.

    Seriously, I've been meaning to invite you to a sunset waltz on a deserted Seaburn beach. All we need is a weather change. No, seriously...actually I am serious, but before then I'd love to do anything you like if it makes you feel more special than you already are. Get your thinking cap on!

    Hi Jean
    They are a pain in the neck!
    Okay, it was rather special.
    I'll look out for you the next time I see a Harley parked up.

    Hi Helen
    I'm not surprised that you relate to both. I haven't forgotten
    your post about the notoriety of your family growing up here in the UK. Fugs the lot of 'em...especially you!
    I also note how the years have mellowed you into a loving person with a caring and sharing family. I find it really nice to read about. They are a good bunch. You are all a good bunch.

  5. Lovely post and some nice visual memories of the day! I love Newark market square. PS. thanks for the hint you dropped about the picture title! DOH!

  6. Your sons look fine and dandy men - good genes obviously. I am also very impressed by the sight of Bev's ankles in the face of all that snow. My ankles don't see light of day until about May.

    It sounds a great day out, Ken. A memory to linger with (and documented via the wonderful thing of having a blog)

  7. Thanks Blu and FF...I nearly missed your comments.