Sunday, February 07, 2010

Random thoughts

I often entertain the thought that people of bygone ages experienced the same emotions and saw the same things as me...trees, water, sky, sun, moon, stars, fire and colour as well as happiness, sadness, fear, warmth, hostility, frustration or anger.  I think about them...the people who lived their entire lives, and wonder how they would respond to the things they never experienced, but I do...cornflakes, TV, internet, electricity, roads, plane, trains and automobiles.

We can attend functions on different continents on the same day or speak to different people 'live' anywhere on the planet. Goodness knows what will be happening in 40 years when I may still be alive.

Anyway, such were my thoughts today during our travels.

I thought this odd little thought it possible to think about something I'm not thinking about? After about ten minutes of struggle I concluded that it wasn't.

Enjoyed is usually and thankfully the case.

I'm ready for whatever next week has in store.


  1. Ok, I take that back.
    I'm quietly confident that nothing small and insignificant will upset my apple cart.

  2. I also wonder about people from previous eras - little things like woman having periods in the C14th and how they would have managed. It's probably a female thing.

  3. Now, I really wanted to hear that FF.

  4. "Enjoyed is usually and thankfully the case" Such a pleasure to learn that Ken. Have posted few notes under Happiness & Bliss. Look forward to sharing few notes Ken. Thanks again

  5. Hi Raj
    Where is Happiness & Bliss? I can't find it.
    Thanks for dropping by again.

    Hi FF
    Say what you think...and to spare my blushes perhaps, think what you say from time to time. Far be it for me to tell you what to say (if it was really offensive I would have deleted it).