Saturday, February 06, 2010

Can't complain

Yes, we'll catch the market in Nottingham. There's bound to be a bargain to pick up. Perhaps brass door knobs for France or a really nice sideboard from the auction rooms. No, it was cold and dreary and people were scavenging and scurrying around total rubbish in the vain hope of capturing a gem.

A few weeks ago Eileen recommended us dropping into a retail park and viewing a sideboard or two. We did, but no, nothing close to what we were looking for.

David and Eileen weren't in either so the idea of a hot chocolate and a friendly chat was dashed.

Driving back to Newark I set the sat-nav for Josselin in Brittany. It's an eleven hour drive...we're tempted but decide instead to pull in at a farm shop for a snack. What a dreary place. The cutlery wasn't clean and was easily bent. The crockery, service and general feel of the place were also sub-standard. Two bikers, or at least their bikes, provided the only interest.

Back in the car park we noticed a long scratch on our car. That's nice!

An hour putting together a supposedly simple computer desk, putting a new rug down in the hallway, having a haircut, bath and a good tidy up (not in that order) made me feel a lot better.

Should have washed the car but didn't.

Reading more Piaf, sketching, making plans and generally chilling.

Another day gone without losing home, health, family or friends. Can't complain!


  1. Not a scratch on your lovely new car, I hope. It's so annoying when that happens. Our Golf is nearly four years old now but I still park it as far away from anyone else as possible. Even so, it has still acquired a couple of careless-door-opening-dings and some mysterious scratches. It's so disheartening, that other people have such little regard for your personal property for which you have paid a small fortune and chosen so carefully.

  2. What Jean said.

    I also park my little car far away from everyone and yet - even with an almost empty car park - it still has cars around it when I return. I've got a dent in my door where some careless bugger flung their door open.

    As for sideboards - if it is for the French house, But over here have a great selection of reasonably priced traditional wood ones.

  3. Indeed, Barry, making the best of a bit of a tiresome day without making complaints makes one a reasonably cheerful person. And no real moan about your car, although your immediate response must have been quite sharp! But you counted your blessings, so well done you.

  4. Hi Jean
    Alas, it was a scratch on our new car. Nothing I can do about it though. It really is insignificant in the scheme of things so I'm determined not to let it chew me up.
    Many years ago we were the proud owners of a brand new car that I personally damaged because I reversed it out of our community car park whilst forgetting I had a trailer on it. I felt physically sick for many weeks. I laugh at the way I reacted now. Yes, this time I was upset...for about an hour. I'm well over it now.
    I'll still be careful where I park and with luck there will be no more scars.

    Hi FF
    Yes, it's for the French property. The one we really like can be reproduced at any time so we are not in a hurry to buy just yet. We are still looking however in the hope of stumbling over something even better.
    If you can recommend a website or an outlet in France, we'd love to check it out.

    Hi Vera
    I've found that life is too short to be upset for too matter the cause.