Thursday, February 11, 2010


It's 10:35pm and we've just got in. I've time for a Horlicks and a bit of shortcake and that's about it.

I was watching the mpg on the dashboard as we drove home and it reached 49.8. We were tempted to go round the island twice just so we could reach 50. I'm very pleased with our little car. Tomorrow we take it for a long run to Sunderland for the weekend so it should be interesting.

Its been a long day and an enjoyable one at that, but I'll have to write about it tomorrow as I'm all out of time.

I hope I don't forget what I did (I have been known to).

Incidentally, for those who are non-UK residents, an 'island' isn't a reference to England. It isn't anything other than a roundabout...a quirky substitute for crossroads.

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