Friday, February 19, 2010

Blurrdd vision

I went out visiting tonight and came back feeling very positive about life. I was all right for most of the day, but it suddenly came into my mind that the combined ages of Bev and me is 110. When I went out I had this on my mind and was just a teensy-weensy bit miffed. Every year when it gets close to my birthday I feel like this. I'm fine now...for another year.

Apart from speaking with some of the good people of England I've stood in my studio and painted all day listening to the likes of The Dark Side of the Moon. I had a very good day.

On the subject of music, my son Martin went to see some group called Blur a while back. Tonight he found out that he's on the front cover of their new album and also on the video...along with others of course. All the same, he's really pleased. Given the name of the group I hope the pictures are in focus.

As for me, its been a long day and the type is all jumbled up...I am unable to focus.

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