Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too much brain activity

I spent my entire working day training a young lad called Scott.  He lost his job about six months ago with RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and hasn't worked since. He's bright and eager to learn and I'm really pleased he's found employment at last. My brain is frazzled now, not so much because of the training, but as a result of too much to think about. I've woken up really early for about a week now with my brain whirring away. I can't seem to switch off.

Jon, Serene and Austin dropped by and spent the evening with us. It was really good to have a chat and chill.

I'm struggling about the size and location of our store that we'll be building in France this year. I thought I'd settled in my mind exactly where it should be and now that I've spent days thinking about it, it's back in the original location...for now.

Well, there are 23 English Shires and between 42 and 48 they say! There are also 32 Irish and 32 Scottish Councils.

Now that my education is complete, I'll be able to enjoy a good nights sleep and give my brain a rest.

Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to sleep all the way to 7:00am.


  1. It was always hard for me to train people at work because every task had to be broken down into its simplest element. When you get so used to your own flow, it's hard to bring someone else into it. I hope you get some sleep!

  2. My head whirrs and whizzes if I don't take the last hour before bedtime to switch off! Hyperconnectivity is both a blessing and a bane!

  3. I bet Scott is equally glad that he has ended up with a chap like you, Ken.

  4. Hi Randi
    No,I woke at 5:30. Perhaps I'm going through the change!

    Hi Molly
    So what do YOU do to switch off that doesn't involve brain activity? Usually my eye and brain coordination doesn't function well if I read.

    Hi FF
    I guess time will tell. At the moment I'm just another old guy.