Friday, June 26, 2009

Who noticed?

There was a flag flying at Newark Castle last week bearing three gold lions on a red background. It is of the House of Plantagenet. Very few noticed it or are aware of its significance. It was just a flag fluttering in the evening breeze or limp in the heat of the day.

Sit back, you'll find this tiny bit of information very interesting.

East Stoke (just behind us) was the location of the last battle of the War of The Roses on 16th June 1487 which ended the Plantagenet dynasty. This is why the flag was flying but it isn't the interesting bit that I promised. King Henry 11, son of Geoffrey V of Anjou isn't even the interesting bit...even though it has a French connection and he being the start of the Plantagenet dynasty.

What I find interesting is that on the 27th May 1541, a 67 year old woman called Margaret Pole was dragged to the block outside the Tower of London to have her head cut off. The executioner missed her neck and gashed her shoulder. One report says she leapt up at this point and ran around before being restrained and forced back onto the block. It took 10 additional blows to complete the execution.

The execution was ordered by Henry V111 because Margaret Pole (nee Plantagenet) was the last legitimate threat to the throne.

Henry was Margaret's cousin's son.

Her death ended the Plantagenet threat to his throne.

She was in fact the 8th Countess of Salisbury and daughter of the 1st Duke of Clarence...a brother of King Edward 1V and King Richard 111.

There was so much behind that solitary forlorn looking flag which hung for just a week.

For me, the name of Margaret Pole will always have a place in my heart as one who had the courage to stand up to the tyranny of Henry V111. She did not go quietly...or quickly!

Good for you Maggie...the original 'Iron Lady' in my view.

Baroness Thatcher was only ever headstrong because she was allowed to keep it...and, if I'm honest, I'm glad she did.

I had planned to go to Bridgford as usual this evening, but the grandkids were a bit tiring for Bev to cope on her own. Jon picked up Aimee and Daniel is with Amber and Ash. That left Anna-belle, Emmaleigh and Hollie.

Our strategy is to divide and conquer.

I'm finding this quote by Robert Brault applies...

"By the time a child acquires the ability to reason, he has become totally acquainted with the benefits of not doing so."

At last! All fed, entertained, stories read, settled down and fast asleep. I'm sure there are more than just three!

Juli and Chris are having a break.

Now it's our turn.


  1. Hi Ken,

    I bet you didn't know that my 6th great grandad Asher lived in East Stoke in the 1730s? Do you know about the Field of Blood?

  2. Hi Eileen,
    No I didn't but it doesn't surprise me. I knew you had family around here.
    I know of the battle of Stoke Field. Is it a reference to how many that were killed there?

  3. Ken,

    My quote may apply, but it doesn't help any. What a story-telling granddad you must be! I have two young grandkids, but they live 300 miles away, and we get to see them maybe a half-dozen times a year. Since I have only one child, a daughter, my thoughts on the trials and tribulations of bringing up a family are largely fanciful.


  4. Most of our grandkids are two hundred miles away and I suppose we get to see them about as many times as you do just seems quite a lot lately. In fact, we'll be travelling up to Leeds tomorrow afternoon for another gathering.

    I bet your daughter woke you at 5:30am just like Hollie did with me this morning.

    I'm already looking forward to bed time and it's only 6pm.