Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our day of rest before the day of rest.

Well, well, well, what a surprise! Bev's in the garden.

We've told ourselves that today will be a recovery day but already there are things on the list.

We had planned to go to the Temple but MIL isn't good enough to travel and we need to keep an eye on her.

We've had a good lie in (up@ 7:45).

I've worked on and sent my designs off for the Newark Art Group.

The weather is pleasant and the sun keeps breaking through in brilliant bursts.

It's time to drag Bev in so we can go out and see what the day brings. First destination is Newark town centre before it gets busy then back to check on Mum.

A mop, mat for wiping feet, towels and a toilet holder for France. The mirror we'd set our hearts on was £505 so I guess we'll have to wait a little while as there are other more needful things to buy first.
The grinding disc we needed today was out of stock so it's in the garden again to cut the hedge in the front and tidy up the back garden.

Our back garden...

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