Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Englishman

On visiting RB blog I noticed that I was referred to as a 'Brit'.

After reading so much adverse publicity about 'Brits' abroard, I have concluded that the title has connotations of rowdiness, being drunk or violent, but I am in truth only one of these, tending to take after my children who are known to be excessively rowdy at family gatherings.

I much prefer the title 'Englishman', denoting impeccable manners, chivalry and fair play. Again, only one of which is truly applicable but all of which I have a sprinkling.

At this present moment in time this Englishman is taking a break from looking after his 'castle'. I'm on the roof of the extension with knees wobbling, removing the old mortar from the brickwork and getting ready to re-point.

It's just one of the endless jobs I'm committed to finish this year.

Tonight we have our mid-year 'goals review' to see how we are all getting on with the goals we set ouselves at the beginning of the year.

Five couples including ourselves have been doing this for more years than I care to remember and I can't ever recall winning the prize.

My goals this year were...
To log all expenditure / Visit 12 new places using 'Tom-Tom' / Give a talk in French at our church in France / Raise £500 for Cildren in Kenya (orphanage) / Finish all home and away jobs (England and France).

I can't remember everyone else's goals but I'm quietly confident of winning the trophy come the New Year...or at least second...or third!

I am reminded after reading Randi's blog that I should also look at my own 'Bucket list'. I haven't ticked anything off this past few years.

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