Thursday, June 25, 2009

Duty and responsibility

I woke up thinking about James from yesterday's post. That poor lad had lost his mother, then his father in a freak accident. He then had to assume the role of father to his new mum and sisters. The likelihood is that he also had the trauma of losing John, his half brother.

He probably was heavily involved with building the handcart...and repairing it. And I can well imagine him sacrificing his all to protect the family in all conditions throughout that journey.

He more than likely ended each day completely exhausted and hungry after pulling and pushing a rickety old handcart over the roughest of terrain.

What awesome responsibility to be heaped onto the shoulders of one so young.

I'm trying to apply this to myself today...the concept of duty and responsibility.
Do I give my all or at least a good account regarding my work, family and other commitments?

Well, I tend to stand back a little regarding my married children as it isn't a good thing to be seen to interfere. I think they need their own space in order to develope. I would expect to help at the drop of a hat if requested though.

Today I offered to go with Juli to participate in the boat race in Portsmouth at the weekend if Chris is unable to make it. It's a charity race and it's a little late to pull out, so someone needs to be on standby. It was worrying Juli as Chris isn't well at the moment.

I know I don't give 100% in other areas of responsibility, but I'm certainly no slacker! I think I'm making the grade and, if the situation arose, I would respond above and beyond. I like to think I'll choose someone like me if I was crossing the plains.

Enough of blowing my own trumpet with cheap words.

Cavan and Roxanne have just asked how I possibly manage to write about something every day.
I told them it was easy and that I'll probably mention it today...done!

When it comes to duty and responsibility there are some great examples out there. I'm just going to mention one...Bev!

Tonight I'm off to make some visits to church members to make sure they are okay. This is a monthly activity which isn't that much of a sacrifice but it's usually well received. It's good to get out in the real world and just interact. I always feel better for making this small effort. It takes my mind off myself for a while and onto other peoples needs.

I don't suppose I'll have much time for the blog by the time I get back so this is me signing off for the day.

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