Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helping Hands

Yes, it's that time of year when, as a church, we try and make a difference in communities...Worldwide! This is on top of what we do throughout the year.

Plans have changed quite a bit this weekend. I was on standby for sailing at Portsmouth but it's a return visit to the Rushcliffe Country Park in Ruddington instead... and I took Emmaleigh who is eager to do some digging.

Martin, Sarah, Ash, Amber and Danny are also planning to be there.

It threatened rain which never dropped...more's the pity! It was a little too hot for digging and the rain would have helped.

We were to dig trenches 16" deep and bury tyres to create a maze. They have some really good stuff here for families and this is a little project on the side which they want to make progress with.
We did well (as usual). The organizers were very pleased with our efforts. Actually, they are still digging I would imagine. We had to leave early so Bev can take the girls to 'The Jolly Jungle' adventure play area in Newark.

I had planned to go to Wanda's with the grinder to cut some slabs but we ran out of time and Emm was hungry (me too).

I'm doing my blog now while I wait for the Murray game.

This is a photo of the motorbike which I made about 30yrs ago. Anna-Belle is seen sitting on it this morning just before we left...

Emmaleigh and Danny...

Me and Ash watching Sarah do the work...

Martin and Danny...A shot of some of the group...It was good to meet up with everyone with something other than food on offer.

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Michael Jackson yesterday but disappointed to read and later hear of a report saying that Fred Astaire was almost as great a dancer.

How absurd! Michael was never that good although I concede he was good. I can't believe all the positive things being printed now that he's no longer here to enjoy it. It was only a week or so ago that he was being slated from every angle.

There seems to be a tendancy in the press to only speak good of someone once they are dead.

I think Michael could have done with a few helping hands and kinder words prior to his passing.

Andy Murray's star is very bright at the moment, but what's the betting the press will portray him as 'gutless' or 'pathetic' should he lose today.

C'mon...a show of hands now...and every day because of what he's achieved. If he loses, so what...there's always next year!

Well, it's all over and Murray won. You'd have thought he could have done it quicker! (lol).

Closing thought of the day...let's give a helping hand to anyone who deserves it by what we think, write, say or do (excluding politicians, accountants and the tax man).

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