Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cruel cuts and forgiveness

I lack celerity in body and mind today. I told Bev as much to which she replied 'No speed eh?
Now, Bev is not renowned for her command of English so imagine my surprise at her response. It brought a smile to my face and I almost forgive her for chopping my favourite and only 8'6" plant in half in the guise of 'pruning'.

It was a shock to see it yesterday...or not see it as the case may be. I can't actually remember what it is called but I'm forced to rename it Lautrec.

I contemplated retaliatory action in the form of a forage into her sacred garden armed with secateurs, but I'm bigger than that. I'm not into knee-jerk reactions, vengeance or vendettas these days and, as such, allowed her to link arms with me on the walk to work this morning.

No doubt the thing will grow again...unlike the real Henri de Toulouse.

I'm pleased to see my VF shares will mature next month. What's the betting that they will be as savagely treated as my plant through taxes and commissions before they reach my pocket in monetary terms.

Why should I care, were they not free anyway? I think I'll treat myself to something that can withstand a bored wife, shears, butchers knives or other sharp objects.

In the words of Don Williams...'I'll forgive but I'll never forget'.

In years to come I'll say to Bev... 'Do you remember that lovely plant you butchered just because it was taller than you?' But I'll be smiling and there will be no malice.

The bathroom at the start of play...

That's as far as I got this time round...in the bathroom at least. We are really looking forward to putting our mirror up.
I think I'll have to put the other pics on another day. It's taking forever to upload.


  1. You feel more like celeriac, hey Ken? (Definition: a swollen turnip-like stem base)
    Bev can batter you at Scrabble any day. Also, while I'm at it .... how do you spell vendettas???

    Bev's defender (Eileen)

  2. I guess I'll have to look it up and since when has Bev been in need of a defender? I'm the one most likely to need one.