Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bucket List

What a lovely walk to work in the shimmering morning sun. It's the first time this year that Bev and I have walked hand in hand without coats across the field. Usually we link up and huddle close together with jumpers and coats.

It's so good to feel the warmth of the sun so early in the day and doesn't it make a difference to how you feel?

I'm mildly excited about Wimbledon...it's Murray v Robbie Kendrick today at 1:00(GMT)

Yesterday was a long post and I decided to include my 'Bucket List' today as there is a bit more space. Reading Randi's bucket list reminded me to include it as a post.

I had a separate Irish list which was achieved on our anniversary...things like blowing bubbles in bed at midnight, finding a fiddler, dancing the waltz with Bev on a deserted beach and kissing the Blarney Stone. Actually, we were so disgusted at the cost of kissing the Blarney Stone once we got there that we kissed each other instead.

My bucket list... (originally called 'Things I want to do before I kick the bucket')...then we saw the film.

Things I've completed...
1. Sky Dive
2. Buy a house in France
3. Build a summer house
4. Give a presentation in French to French people
5. Visit Rome, Venice, Naples and the Amalfi coast
6. Build an extension @ Newark home

Things yet to do...
7. Write my personal history
8. Learn a language
9. Windsurf the English Channel
10. Visit the Niagra Falls...top and bottom
11. Visit Kenya (Orphanage)
12. Busk in a city centre
13. See the Northern Lights on my back just like what Joanna Lumley did
14. Grand Canyon Rapids
15. Sit in the cabin of a city centre crane
16. Spend a day giving money away

I think it's appropriate to include this quote from Robert Brault...

"To realize a dream, you must first make it your expectation".

So, that's where I've been going wrong!

I met Bev after work and we walked hand in hand again in the brilliant evening sun.

I was tempted to stay outdoors but found out that the Murray match was just starting. Great match! The American was good (and popular) but eventually lost.

He may have lost, but he won a lot of admirers.


  1. When are you planning to do number 16 and I'll come stand by you. I want to see Niagara too.

  2. My sister is at this very moment in Tanzania visiting orphanages. Kenya's pretty close. Next time she goes she'd tuck you in her suitcase if you ask real nicely. :) You've got some exciting things on your list, plus you've already done some cool things! And what exactly does #12 mean?

  3. Juli, if it's you,it's a date! Jim and Briony went a few weeks ago and said it was incredible in the boat approaching the falls. They saw Rod Stewart...who isn't quite as incredible as he only stands about five feet tall in his stocking feet.

    Randi...it sounds like your sister is involved in some very satisfying work. Tucking me away somewhere is something my wife has been trying to do for years.

    To busk is to play a musical instrument or sing in the street or subway and create a gathering of listeners. It might be illegal in the States.
    I'd like to stand outside the Pompidou Centre in Paris to do my busk, but build up confidence by starting with a UK City.