Friday, June 12, 2009


Catch up time!

I cut 2" off my Mother in Law's legs on Wednesday evening just before the England game against Andorra. Her feet actually reach the carpet now. I am of course speaking about her chair legs.

Yesterday she was feeling a little low but it had nothing to do with sawing her legs off.

I ordered 'The Children of Freedom' from Amazon last night for one penny +p&p. I also ordered another batch of vitamin'C' tablets.

I felt such a fool this morning. I have a cold sore on the right of my lip and so as not to disturb it while drinking water, I picked the glass up with my left hand.

As a follow on from reading RB's post on friendship, I asked Adele who is my boss and is currently sitting next to me if she has any friends and if she had a 'best' friend. After verbally beating me up, she said that she used to have a best friend but she hadn't seen her in years.

We concluded that a best friend has to be part of your life experience past and present...especially present.

We apparently have lots in common, me and Adele. Her parents split up and she ended up in care. Also, one of her brothers is apparently in hiding from the police. My brothers aren't in hiding from the police but if they ever find out some of the things they used to get up to, they will be.

She's extended her stay next to me and Kirsty.

There is just my head hair, neck and eyebrows to trim now...ears and nostrils are all done (gross!)

I've now pencilled in the 27th August as a once in a lifetime experience. Mars will be as big as the moon to the naked eye for the first time in man's history. The next time will be the year 2287. What's the betting it'll be cloudy...on both dates!

I took another photo of the roses on the arch and will post it tonight.

Joan (behind me) has gone to France for a holiday and Roxanne has gone to the Amalfi coast...I'm so envious.

I've just written to a Lady. So I'll add it to the Lord, Dame, Sir and a Right Honorable or two.

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and Master are all untitled. I could address a woman as 'My Dear Lady, but she will be untitled. I could say Dear Sir and he'll be untitled and I can say Dear Madam and she'll be untitled.

All that's left is for me to address Your Highness and Your Majesty. Oh, and Your Worship, Duke, Duchess, Count and Countess and Earl. Not to forget the military titles and those of the medical and academic professions.

I wish I'd never started on this.

Linda tells me she's had enough...she can't manage another day and is glad of the weekend. Linda won £40,000 a year for life from a scratchcard. I think she is mad to be here when she could do so much in making the most of life.

In our 'Zone-In' ( a regular meeting to highlight and resolve issues) I gave a humorous report on cyclists getting into our car unnecessary issue which still had to be addressed while Kimara popped her buttons to the delight of all those opposite her. I was next to her so was spared. We had important visitors who thought it was a positive and uplifting meeting. No comment!

Kirsty picked the keys up for her new house at lunchtime.

Meetings in Bridgford tonight and I think Bev is coming to do a bit of genealogy.

I think that's about it. Lots of little snippets. It's been a busy day and a tiring week.

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