Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Groundhog Day

I slept right up to the time of getting up. That's different!
I did, however, afford myself a luxurious minute before jumping out of bed. I thought of the phone I put on charge and if I unplugged it before retiring.

Then came this thought of how modern we of flesh and bones are not to be plugged in to have our batteries re-charged. All we do is lie down and everything is taken care of.

We were that modern right from the word go.

Granted, some of us do have to be plugged in from time to time, but only when things go drastically wrong. Some also sleep standing and at a moments notice. Fortunately I'm a 'bog- standard' model (I wonder how this saying came about)?

As I entered work there was a thought of 'here we go again, same old routine' so, as I went through the same task of filtered water and putting my lunch in the fridge, I came to my desk and jumped on top of it to survey 360 the vast office as people arrived.

It was nice to see everything from a slightly different angle and it was well received by Karen (back from holiday) and Kirsty.

More importantly, it set the scene for the day. There may be the same tasks ahead of me but my perception will be different.

I'm determined not to have a groundhog day where everything seems to be repetition.

Bev's got the groundhog day feeling today and feels a bit worse for wear. I think it's the thought of cooking for 15 at the weekend.

I'll surprise her while she's out tonight (giving a class on being organized), and organize the family to bring different things for a buffet. She'll be pleased with that.

I'm making lists again for things David can take to France for me in a few weeks. I'll be flying there in the Summer so won't be able to take tools and liquids etc! I've decided that I'll blog exactly what I'd like to achieve this time round.


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