Friday, June 19, 2009


I read last night from the book Blu recommended that a young French resistance fighter in 1943, condemned for fighting against German occupation, was consigned to a date with Madame Guillotine. He had no complaints. He was fighting for freedom and knew the consequences.

It made sad reading, as much for the government of the day as the young man who had his life cut short.

This morning I read from the Times that a French woman received an 8 year jail sentence for burning a baby and freezing two others after killing them. She will be eligible for early release in 24 months. It was deemed that she was not concious of giving birth even though she was aware of pregnancy.

It made sad reading, as much for the government of the day as for the young lives cut short.

I often remind myself that there is no meat that can be cut so thin as not to have two sides, so I find it hard to wholly condemn her, or the government of the day, but the slice is extremely thin...hence the sadness.

I was also stunned today to find such a response to yesterdays post. What a boost it was to have such positive comments. Thank you so much.

I posted a response on Roberts' blog but it isn't registering.

I painted for a publisher who distributed my work around the country but I soon found the pressure unbearable. They bought very cheaply and I found it hard to keep up with the volume. I had to take time out and that is where I'm at.

My aim is to approach galleries and the general public directly within the next year and perhaps enjoy the experience this time round.

No rush, I'll take care of the weekend first.

Stunned also applies to the poor man in Nottingham City Centre who had the taser used on him more than five times by a group of five or six policemen. It was barbaric. Thank goodness it was filmed.

The last time I was stunned was when I paid for a blackcurrant and soda water.

Karen told me she was stunned by the £25 excess baggage charge last week on her way to Majorca (all toiletries). I think it was 'Vanity Fair'.

Kirstys' Dad was stunned on Wednesday when he was attacked and stung by wasps nesting in the tree he was cutting down.

The man who was invoiced £22,000 for downloading T.V on his mobile whilst on holiday abroad was certainly stung, and I was stunned to find out he was let off (it's the company I work for).

I will be stunned if Murray crowns Wimbledon over the next two weeks.

Yesterday I was stunned when my new dentist phoned to confirm my appointment for 3:20 only to phone at lunch-time to cancel it (trying to secure an appointment these days is like pulling teeth).

I am resigned, beaten, disappointed, dismayed but not stunned by the increased taxes unveiled today. If the French ever bring back the guillotine we will certainly be tempted to copy and make good use of it here in little 'ol England.

I sign off with this quote from Martin Luther King Jr.
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

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