Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not exactly a day of rest, but...

Once a month we fast for the period of two main meals and donate what we would have spent on the meals for the relief of the poor and needy in our area. Today was such a day and, as there are 150+ doing the same thing in our congregation, it's gratifying to know that the relief is considerable.

We also had good discussions during our Gospel Doctine lesson about what doctrinal evidences there are relating to our possible fate after death. Later, we looked at the need to apply the principles of forgiveness in our lives.

Quite enlightening stuff and a lot to consider.

After Church we dropped by on David and Eileen who had kindly bought us a round table for France. Actually it was a belated birthday present for Bev. They just wanted to show us the size and if it would suit our needs. David will be going over in a few weeks and has offered to take it for us. What good friends they are!

It's a hot day and I soon drifted into a deep sleep on the drive home (Bev was driving).

In the afternoon the family arrived and we spent a lazy afternoon and evening in the garden chatting and looking at photographs.

We are really tired now that everyone has left. It was lovely to see them. It was lovely to see them go. Looking forward to a repeat next Sunday (Father's Day).

It's never exactly a day of rest when all the family come over, but we absolutly love it.


  1. Ken, it's an early birthday present for Bev!!