Monday, June 15, 2009

It takes two baby

The pessimist observes the optimist and thinks, 'All that happiness for nothing'.
(Robert Brault in today's post)

I feel good. I feel happy. I feel optimistic. The glass is half full rather than half empty.

A boy racer overtook us this morning against oncoming traffic and two minutes later we caught up with him. He was behind two buses and a lorry going slow. His frustration was as evident as our joy.

I beat the queue to get filtered water at work and found room in the fridge for my sandwiches. I just know today is going to be good.

Not even blogger being unavailable for ten minutes can stop me feeling good, although the day did start with a threat of Monday morning blues. I found myself with a pair of spectacles, a towel and a shaver in two hands and was briefly confused at what to do next. It made me think of how many things I do with TWO hands (no less).

Things I do with two hands...Wash and dry my face. Peg the washing out. Type blog entries. Put the lid on my pen. Blow my nose. Put toothpaste onto my brush. Drive the car. Wash the pots. Digging. Getting jam out of jars. Threading needles. Sewing buttons back on.

I suppose I could do most of these things with one hand If I really had to, but isn't it cool that we have two?

Generally speaking we have two ears, eyes, nostrils, nipples, legs and feet. Some people aren't so lucky and others have more than their quota according to a conversation I dropped into last week.

Out of all the things I have two of that I would least like to lose, I think a hand would get my vote.

If I was allowed an extra thing, I'd pick my nose (sorry, I'm being rude). Actually, I'd choose another eye. Where to locate it would pose quite a problem though.

Famous couples not married to each other...Torvill and Dean, Pinky and Perky, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and Laurel and Hardy.

Two good 'ol English double acts that are inseparable...Salt and Vinegar and Fish and Chips.

Of all things I'm glad of in terms of two, it's Bev and me.

In the words of a song the singer of which escapes me...'It takes two baby, me and you'.

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