Thursday, May 01, 2014

Two Week Catch-up

We have been in France now for exactly a week, but our feet haven't touched the ground over the last few weeks. This is a brief catch-up time before uploading the photos since we've been here.

Juli & Chris and the gang in our little apartment for Sunday lunch.

Easter Bunny hunt in the temple grounds.

A walk in the Lake District on the Monday.

 It's a beautiful place.

It was really nice to have a look around and enjoy fish & chips for the last time in a long while.

The day we left the temple accommodation. It's been the best six months of our married life.

Straight to Mansfield and the Easter egg hunt in Jon and Serene's garden...

and breakfast for the missionaries.

Time to go.

We're in Beccles now to see Martin and Sarah and the girls. I loved this sign...coriander.

They live in the middle.

Another egg hunt...this time in M&S's garden

 Easter cake competition...

Easter bonnet making competition.

Camera shy.

That's better!

 Well done Liliya...1st prize!

Then the egg and spoon race...

Time with Grace.

 Peter and Sue's back garden in Lowestoft.

Chilling out.

Mini rally in Southwold.

These beach huts sell for over £50K each!

The horse sanctuary.

In the morning we travel to Portsmouth.

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