Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another day (Wednesday)

Last night I sat watching Crimson Field from Dropbox while unblocking the nozzles of my shower head with a pin.

It works perfectly now.

 Now you see it...

 now you don't. Those stumps are proving difficult to extract. Slowly but surely they'll come out.

 It makes such a difference to have the front garden no longer isolated.  It really feels part of the house now. 

 One load to the tip.

And another.

Managed to rake the joints of the right-hand wall

 Bulbs planted.

More grass cutting.

The best part of the day was sitting in our loungers in the evening sun when all our chores were done.


  1. "The best part of the day......" that sums up the day very well! Contentment and rest after a job well done!

  2. Retirement looks like hard work!

    To cut down on some of that work try soaking the shower head in vinegar...

  3. You can't beat it, can you, Joy? Nice to hear from you.

    I'll try vinegar next time, Gaynor. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I thought you went to relax . Not much of that going on. But you are getting the place to look really nice. Have a great day and take a snooze on me.

  5. It IS relaxing, but yes, I'll have a snooze on you....while you are working :)