Thursday, May 08, 2014

il est malade

Feeling too grotty to go to the picnic.

But seeing how the locals remember VE day is just about within our's only half an hour.

Ready for the off!

This is Anjou...or at least that's what I heard when he told us. He's fought in just about every conflict since the world war. We got to chat with him later over hot chocolate...thanks to our French teacher, Marthe.


After the Mayor's speech the younger generation were invited to lay the floral tribute. It was a nice touch for everyone to then sing and bring proceedings to a close.

Afterwards,  the mayor invited us for hot chocolate ...well, that's what we ordered as we crammed into the function room of the Bar des Sport.

A quick visit to see friends, then back home.

Not well enough to attend our French class at 3pm.

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